TECHTRONIK is a (proudly independent) computer and general devices repair shop, specialised in Macbooks and iMacs. We also provide repair solutions with different time frames for other well know brands as Asus, Dell, Acer, etc…

We give our best for each device trusted into our business, offering a good chance that it can be repaired rather than replaced, saving clients both time and money.

We focus strictly on completing all repair services in a timely and proper manner, ensuring the correct communication and experience for the client though the whole process.

Being independent, TECHTRONIK works on units deemed vintage and is able to help customers avoiding replacing the entire device.
We firmly believe in expanding the expected life of devices contrarily to the even own manufacturers!


Macbook and iMac
Gaming laptops – ROG, Razer, …
Liquid Damaged devices
Data Recovery (USB drives, HDD, etc)
PCB repair


We fight planned obsolescence by helping extending the life and longevity of your device and we fairly commit to these premises:

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Being Eco-Friendly
Saving boards is saving the world from e-waste.
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Extend usability
Our services exponentially increase your Mac longevity and helps to keep up the level through the years. We are also able to advise you when its time to go for a new machine and refurbish, recycle or reuse your old device!
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Fair prices
We are able to provide expert repair solutions for your boards, starting from 99 € in 1-3 business days.
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High success rates
We stand up with our success rates in repairing services, contradicting the common idea spread over the years that repairing is not a viable solution. Note that not all boards are fixable and we are the first to guarantee it!
We belong to the repair community that works with Passion!